Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nathan Fowkes - 1-Day Painting in Watercolor & Gouache Workshop

As a veteran artist and fine arts instructor, Nathan Fowkes has spent many years studying and teaching the use of gouache and other water-based media. He has applied his experience to fields as diverse as theme park show design, traditional animation, his own personal work and on site landscape sketching. For this workshop, Mr. Fowkes will present both fundamentals and advanced techniques for creating dynamic images with traditional gouache and watercolor media. The workshop will include:

• The fundamentals of picture making with water-based media.
• Principles for organizing the complexities of color into pleasing harmonies.
• Techniques and tips on materials and the painting process.
• Instructor demonstration from a costumed model.
• Student painting time from a costumed model with instructor feedback.

Date:  November 5th - 12pm to 8pm.

Tuition:  $175 full workshop and $100 lecture/demo only.

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