Week 9 - Settle and Sink with Anjali

 Week 9 - Settle and Sink with Anjali

In the week before the final week of school, teachers began to gear up and prepare for the ending quarter. Loose strings were tied and whatever lessons we'd been learning up to this point had slowly followed through full circle.

 In the final class for Art history, we took a cumulative final exam, as well as turning in out 5 page essay due for the class based on our trip to the Getty Museum (read my essay).  All in all, although the class is at times challenging, it is always enlightening and always applies in some way, directly or indirectly, to what we are learning in the other courses at LAAFA.

It was also the final day of Ron's figure construction course, in which we were required to draw a figure which was partly from life and partly drawn from the imagination. It had to be drawn opposite to what we saw in front of us, almost as if we'd left our seats, walked around the figure, and drawn this instead (but from imagination). This was one of the most difficult yet informative exercises we had completed, and being on the final day, managed to draw the class to a great conclusion, although this was barely the beginning.

 The rest of the week flew by in a similar manner, and although for these remaining classes, there was still one more week, the teachers pushed us to continue learning and maintained the educative atmosphere in class. Perspective with Jon Messer and Drawing 1B with Bill Rogers were two classes that I knew were classes where the lessons were far from over, and although we have class with Bill again next quarter, it was important to retain the information regardless. The same is said for Perspective class, where I knew that the lessons would remain significant for the rest of my art education.

On Friday, we attended Rey's Anatomy, which is always an extremely entertaining and highly engaging class. It was within this week that I realized our quarter was very nearly completed, and looking at my ecorche, I realized how much anatomy I had learned in such a short 10 weeks.

The day ended with Noah's Drawing 1A, which was a great finish to the week. We worked on another charcoal piece, drawing still life objects and working on honing in the skills we had learned the weeks prior. This week truly allowed the things we learned within the quarter to settle and sink into our work more than ever.

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