Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Entertainment Layout Design - Starts October 22nd

Entertainment Layout Design with Mauricio Abril

The class will begin by analyzing traditional painting for its mastery of composition and visual storytelling and will quickly move to understanding how those elements have been applied to modern day formats. Through various assignments, students will better understand how the fundamental design principles of shape language, rhythm, gesture, and proportion serve the composition’s greater purpose of telling a compelling story. These assignments will include but are not limited to film studies, master studies, and project oriented thumbnail sketching ultimately leading to final layout drawings. Instruction will also include practical technical information regarding the pipeline for completing a finished layout and the various media one can use in that process.

Mauricio Abril is currently a concept artist at Disney Interactive Media Group. He graduated with honors in Entertainment Design from the Art Center College of Design and has a previous degree from UCLA in Molecular Biology. His work spans the formats of animated video games, live action film, toy design and theme park design for clients such as Hasbro, The Hettema Group, Wideload, Rubicon and Elements Entertainment. 

Oct 22-Dec 17, 2011
Meets 10:00 AM-1:00 PM on Saturday

Tuition: $350.00 - You may enroll online or call us at 818-708-9232 for this class.

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