Friday, October 8, 2010

Watch a LIVE stream of Alex Ruiz's Photoshop Workshop!

You can watch the first 2 hours (10am-12pm) of Alex Ruiz's Beginning Photoshop Workshop TOMORROW Oct 9th LIVE on our Beta Online Stream for FREE. During this testing process, we welcome your comments and suggestions. Please give us your input at Would you like to chat with Alex Ruiz? We will be taking questions during our Live Broadcast on Yahoo, Hotmail and AIM. Our Username is laafaschool.

Alex is currently a freelance concept artist/illustrator whose clients include 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, Radical Comics, Zombie Studios, Virgin Comics, and visual effects houses such as Perspective Studios and S4 Studios.

You can watch the whole workshop LIVE from 10am-5pm for $39.99.

To watch the LIVE stream, click here.


*must have photoshop CS or higher

Alex Ruiz's 8-week Digital Character Design class at LAAFA will also be shown online. Details coming soon!

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