Thursday, October 14, 2010

Entertainment Classes at LAAFA

Marcos Mateu - Drawing Storyboards/Graphic Novels with Light(Starts Oct. 23rd-8wks)

Saturday, 10am-1pm

Light is the element that will dramatically influence a set and the characters within. Depending on the use we make of it the perception of the image will change in order to fit the storytelling moment. In this course we will observe and ink on paper sets under different lighting conditions, in convincing and practical ways, to then apply these techniques to specific panels that will deliver the desired message to an audience. There will also be slide show, analysis and discussion of artwork examples.

Digital Character Design (using a Live Model & Photoshop) with Alex Ruiz (Starts Oct. 21st-8wks)

Thursday, 7pm-10pm

The focus of this course will be on digital character design, life drawing and painting using Adobe Photoshop and other digital techniques. The class also explores working with brushes and digital drawing tablets (such as those from Wacom.) with a LIVE model in the room to replicate through drawing and painting the human figure and translating it into character design for uses in film, games, and animation. Gesture, form, anatomy, will also be discussed in depth.

Call 818.708.9232 to register or click to register online

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