Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tuesdays at LAAFA

Here are some classes we are offering Tuesday...

Class: 2091 Monochromatic Portrait Painting
Time and Day: 7pm-10pm, Tuesday
Instructor: Aaron Westerberg

Course Description – This class is ideal for anyone wanting to bridge the gap between painting and drawing or for the more experienced painter who wants to learn another painting technique. Monochromatic painting is one of the earliest and best forms of painting. The class will focus on portrait painting from the live model. We will discuss aesthetics, edges, and massing versus line to name just a few painting concepts. Learn the basics of oil painting in a very simplified approach.

Class-3360 - Portrait Sculpture
Instructor: David Simon
Tuesday, 7pm-10pm

Course Description- This class will provide the student with a systematic approach to modeling a life-size portrait in clay. The use of calipers and triangulation will be emphasized in order to achieve an accurate portrait of the model. The use of photography and its application as reference for portraiture will be discussed.

Class: 1026 Drawing the Human Form
Time and Day: 10am-1pm, Tuesday
Instructor: James Galindo

Course Description - This course will begin with basic-form construction of the figure to help develop a general understanding of the underlying structures that dictate the shapes and contours of the human body. The course will move from simple line construction to full-value drawings in light and shadow. This class is great for beginning to intermediate students who are looking to make their tonal drawings more volumetric and anatomically correct.

Class: 1130 Figure Drawing with Emphasis on Action and Form
Time and Day: 7pm-10pm, Tuesday
Instructor: Paul Wee

Course Description – This class will emphasize methods for drawing which will aid you in understanding and depicting the human figure. These methods can also be applied to anything you want draw, be it the human figure, inanimate objects, etc. Quick poses with be used to help you understand action, balance, and overall feeling, longer poses will be used to explore the structure, spatial relationships and form.

If you want to pre-enroll, go to or call 818.708.9232.

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