Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thurday Summer Classes at LAAFA

Here are some classes we are offering Thursdays...

Class: 1105 Analytical Head Drawing
Time and Day: 7pm-10pm, Thursday
Instructor: Kirk Shinmoto

Course Description - In this class we will address drawing the head through poses ranging from 5 minutes to 3 hours. Understanding the head from more than just the standard three-quarter view will be stressed and topics such as anatomy, getting a likeness, and facial expression will be discussed.

Class: 4037 Digital Figure Painting (using Photoshop)
Time and Day: 7pm-10pm, Thursday
Instructor: Alex Ruiz

Course Description – The focus of this course will be on digital life drawing and painting using Adobe Photoshop and other digital techniques. The class also explores working with brushes and digital drawing tablets (such as those from Wacom) with a LIVE model in the room to replicate through drawing and painting the human figure as would be done in a studio environment. Gesture, form, and anatomy will also be discussed in depth.

If you would like to pre-enroll, go to or call 818.708.9232

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