Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Classes at LAAFA

Here are some 10- week session classes LAAFA is offering Sunday...

#4027 From Life Drawing to Cartooning
Time and Day: 1:30pm-4:30pm, Sunday
Instructor: Rad Sechrist

The focus of this course will be on making the transition from figure drawing to drawing from imagination in a variety of styles. These skills can be used in such fields as character design, storyboarding, and comics. Students will go through the figure one part at a time and learn how to translate structural figure drawing knowledge into cartooning knowledge. After students learn the similarities and differences in figure drawing and cartooning, they will move on to learning how to create natural looking poses for the characters as well as creating environments to place the characters in. Finally, students will learn how they can apply these skills to storyboarding, character design, and comics.

#1176 Figure Drawing - An Analysis of Rhythm and Structure
Time and Day: 10am-1pm, Sunday
Instructor: Danny Galieote

Course Description – This course is designed to give the student a dynamic and solid classical foundation in drawing the figure. We will be analyzing how to “pick-up” rhythms and flows through the figure and be studying the anatomical landmarks and important skeletal and muscular articulations. We will also work on the tonal relationships, form design and line quality as the class progresses. Toward the end of the course, we will concentrate on finishing beautiful, appealing, well-designed drawings on medium toned paper with dark pencil with white highlights in a classical manner. Class starts with 2 or 5 min poses, progressing with 10 to 15 min and ending with 25 min poses. Samples/Demonstrations of drawings and /or paintings will be shown.

#0083 Costumed Long Pose Workshop (Entertainment Characters) - Uninstructed - Time and Day: 10am-3:30pm, Sunday
Instructor: N/A

Course Description – This is an uninstructed workshop, in which each model will wear a different costume. The model will hold one pose for the duration of the day. The first week will have a female model, with a total of 10 different models in 10 different costumes. Please see below.

Week 1 – female
Week 2 – female
Week 3 – male
Week 4 – female
Week 5 – female
Week 6 – male
Week 7 – female
Week 8 – female
Week 9 – male
Week 10 - female

#6009 Long Pose Head Drawing & Painting (Teen Program)
Time and Day: 1:30pm-4:30pm, Sunday
Instructor: Alexandria Douziech

Course Description - This class will focus the structure of the head, how light hits form, how to simplify values, and color theory through a limited palette. We will be working from one live model the whole time. My hope is to introduce the students to the basic fundamentals of painting the head. At the end of the class, the students should be able to have a finished head study that they can feel proud of.

#3000 - Ecorche/3D Sculptural Anatomy
Instructor: Rey Bustos
Sunday, 9am-2:30pm

3-D Anatomy/Ecorché is a centuries old method of learning anatomy through three dimensional means. The word ecorche' is French for flayed body and refers to human or animal anatomy by which you can see the interplay between the skeleton ,tendons,ligaments and the muscles that create what we see on the living form. It is an essential means for every figurative artist to better interpret though knowledge what he sees.

#2100- Still-Life Painting
Instructor: Arpi Azaryan
Sunday, 10am-1pm

This still life course will introduce students to an understanding about composition, lighting, proper volume of form and color. Using sight-size and academic classical techniques, particular attention will be paid to properly perceiving depth, focus, pigments and mediums to produce an overall accurate yet appealing finished product.

You can pre-enroll at or call 818.708.9232.

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