Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday Classes at LAAFA

Here are some Saturday Classes we are offering next quarter...

#1250A/B Analytical Figure Drawing
Time and Day: 10am-1pm/3:30pm, Saturday
Instructor: Kirk Shinmoto

Course Description – The goal of this class is to develop your understanding of the human form, both in how it moves and how it is constructed. Emphasis will also be placed on considering the whole figure as a complete idea, as well as designing what we see to make a clearer and more concise statement. Developing good drawing habits is also stressed.

#1001 Basic Drawing Fundamentals
Time and Day: 10am-1pm, Saturday
Instructor: Eric Pedersen

Course Description – Basic Drawing Fundamentals is designed to teach the student very elementary ideas that will continue to inform their art for the rest of their careers. Through various exercises and specific methods, the student will understand the fundamental language (value, shape, proportion and form) of representational drawing. The student will then begin to understand a simple process of creating an illusion of a three dimensional object on a two dimensional surface.

#2002 Basic Painting Fundamentals
Time and Day: 2pm-5pm, Saturday
Instructor: Eric Pedersen

Course Description - This beginner course is designed to teach you a simple way of painting. From the most basic techniques (how to stand, how to mix paint etc.), to descriptions of materials, and to more advanced ideas of comparative measurements, and color harmony this class serves as a guide to basic principles of painting. Based on a method of direct observation the student will begin to understand how to use simple two dimensional shapes (triangles, squares, rectangles, etc.) to create an illusion of a three dimensional object.

If you would like to pre-enroll, go to or call 818.708.9232.

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