Thursday, January 14, 2010

These classes are still availabe!

These classes will start up January 23rd and the 24th!

#1001 - Basic Drawing Fundamentals
Instructor: Eric Pedersen
Saturday, 10am-1pm

This course introduces the fundamentals of drawing. How to hold a charcoal pencil, simple shapes, volumes, c-curves, s-curves, straights, edges, 4-value system, thumbnails, introductory composition, light sources, core shadows, reflective lights, are all covered in this course. This is an excellent course for students with little to no formal drawing training at all, or those wanting a refresher course in the basics.

#2030 - Landscape/Plein Air Painting
Instructor: Eric Merrell
Saturday, 9am-1pm

Always With the great California outdoors as inspiration, students focus on learning to duplicate the exact light of day, interpret the landscape into meaningful shapes and color patterns, and how to capture the essence of the world around them. Each week the class meets at a different location, with the first course meeting on campus. Please Note: You will be required to drive to various locations, and occasionally pay parking fees and park fees as part of this course. We will explore the basic techniques and concepts of Plein Air painting such as, value, shape, edges and color, composition, color mixing, brushwork, blending.

#4009 - Animal Drawing
Instructor: Joe Weatherly
Sunday, 11am-3pm

This class will be held on location at the Los Angeles Zoo plus two LA Natural History museums. Animals will be drawn from life with an emphasis on their basic structure, form, and gesture. Methods of how to draw a moving subject will be explored as will drawing from imagination. A variety of animals will be sketched throughout the day. Students should come prepared to draw with sketchbook, pens and pencils. The main points discussed in this class include action, form analysis, anatomy and expression and is based on the required text for the class, “The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals”. Zoo and Museum admission is the “student’s responsibility”. An annual Los Angeles Zoo pass is highly recommended and can be purchased at a student rate.

#2002 - Basic Painting Fundamentals
Instructor: Eric Pedersen
Saturday, 1:30pm-4:30pm

Whether you have never painted before or consider yourself a more experienced painter, this beginner course is designed to teach you a simple (or perhaps new) way of painting. From the most basic techniques (how to stand, how to mix paint etc.), to descriptions of materials, and to more advanced ideas of comparative measurements, and color harmony this class serves as a guide to basic principles of painting. Based on a method of direct observation the student will begin to understand how to use simple two dimensional shapes (triangles, squares, rectangles, etc.) to create an illusion of a three dimensional object.

If you would like to register, call 818.708.9232!

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