Friday, January 30, 2009

7-Day Figure Sculture Workshop with David Simon!

7-Day Figure Sculpture Workshop with David Simon March 25th-31st from 10am-6pm! $800

David Simon is one of the best figurative sculptors in the world and he rarely teaches workshops. So, if you get the chance to take this amazing 7 -day workshop, the knowledge that you will recieve will be immense. Even if you are not planning to sculpt as a profession, this workshop will make you understand form in a whole new way. David's lectures on form and the human body are legendary. This is a workshop I am extremely proud of because David is truely a living master and to study with him is a great honor.

This workshop will focus on teaching the student to accurately represent the complexities of the human form. The use of proportional systems to funnel observation into an accurate sculptural representation of the figure will be introduced. This workshop will stress the synthesis of anatomical knowledge and observation. Students will learn how to correctly set up an armature and will be instructed in the proper use of modeling tools. There will be one pose for the duration of the course, and students may choose to work at either a 30” or 36” scale.

If you are interested in taking this intense workshop, call 818.708.9232 to register. Please register before March 15th. Space will be limited.

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