Friday, January 23, 2009

3-Day Composition Workshop Feb 13th-15th

3-Day Composition Workshop with Marshall Vandruff! Feb 13th-15th from 12pm-7pm. The cost for the three days: $375.

This is a 3-session seminar that will help you use composition to evoke feeling through your work. He gives a series of lectures on the few principles behind all artistic forms and how the great masters have used them to create masterpieces in varying styles. The sessions are creatively invigorating, so come prepared to learn.

Session 1 :The Role of Composition; Abstraction & Feeling; Metaphor; Consonance

Session 2 :Balance; Dominance; Light & Dark Massing; Contrast

Session 3 :Continuity; Rhythm & Pattern; Transition & Counterchange

Fri.-Sun., Feb. 13th-15th, 12pm-7pm

If you are interested in taking this workshop call, 818.708.9232. Please register before Feb 3rd.

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