Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Art Classes | Los Angeles

Summer Art Classes
Classes are starting the week of July 8th! Our summer quarter will begin next week with the following selection of classes.  If you plan on taking summer classes, please do not wait until the last minute to sign up. Late sign-ups can lead to postponement or cancellation of classes.

Long Pose Figure Painting |  Ramon Hurtado
Figure Drawing - Rhythm & Structure | Danny Galieote
Composition for Animation and Film | Bill Perkins

Life Painting with Color Theory | Ron Lemen

Alla Prima Head and Figure Painting | Vadim Zang

Indirect Figure Painting  - Verdaccio Technique | Noah Buchanan
Old Masters' Portrait Painting | Michael Siegel

Figure and Costume Uninstructed Workshop
Portfolio and Beyond | Ramon Hurtado

Ecorche/3D Anatomy | Rey Bustos (JUST ADDED:  Ecorche/3D Anatomy on Fridays starting July 19th)

For a list of all LAAFA art classes go to:  www.laafa.org/classes

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