Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ecorche/3D Anatomy w/ Rey Bustos - Week 10

 After nine weeks of study, and hard work sculpting our ecorches, for our last class session, Rey turned the studio into an old time movie theater - complete with an Edison bulb sign & popcorn in paper holders.

Students and our guests of honor, our completed ecorches, enjoyed a slideshow of inspirational artworks by artists whose anatomical knowledge helps them reach higher goals in artistic expression.

The works in the slideshow spanned the centuries, from the Renaissance, to contemporary artists.
Across time, however, it was clear that a sound understanding of anatomy is an essential basis for compelling figurative art.

After the slideshow, we were able to admire our ecorches in a group.  I know I'll miss Sundays with our great group of 16" ecorches & taller humans too.

Ecorche will be offered again in future quarters at LAAFA, but during Summer Quarter 2012, Rey Bustos will be teaching animal anatomy in his IMAGINATOMY class.

The class starts next Sunday, July 15. Interested? Register here.

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