Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jason Scheier (DreamWorks) - Seminar - September 13th

Sept. 13th from 6pm to 10pm Jason Scheier (DreamWorks) will be giving a 4-hour seminar on the Imaginative Process and a Demo at LAAFA!

Jason will focus in on a subject that is rarely discussed enough in the process of creation, from brain-storming to changing your routine, becoming a better observational thinker, and looking at the world around you in a different perspective. Jason Scheier will walk you through his process of gathering references, brain-storming, sketching from references, and creating a unique and original piece of artwork from this process. Artistically harnessing the imagination, and creating a streamlined process to inhibit its potential. This is a must seminar for those who are especially interested in the entertainment field.

• A lecture on harnessing the imaginative process • Discussing observing our surroundings and gathering references.
• Brainstorming from references,
• Strategies for sketching from your references and creating unique and original pieces.
• Painting demonstration

Tuition:  $75.00

To enroll in this visiting artist workshop please click here

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