Monday, April 5, 2010

There is still time to register!

These classes have been postponed one week, so if you are thinking about signing up for the full ten weeks or the 5 week session ( 5-week sessions start at $235) there is still time to register.

#3370 - Long Pose Figurative Sculpture with David Simon Tuesday, 12pm-6pm

This class will focus on teaching the student to accurately represent the complexities of the human form. The use of proportional systems to funnel observation into an accurate sculptural representation of the figure will be introduced. This class will stress the synthesis of anatomical knowledge and observation. Students will learn how to correctly set up an armature and will be instructed in the proper use of modeling tools. There will be one pose for the duration of the course, and students may choose to work at either a 30” or 36” scale. Oil-based clay will be used.

#3360 - Portrait Sculpture with David Simon Tuesday, 7pm-10pm

This class will provide the student with a systematic approach to modeling a life-size portrait in clay. The use of calipers and triangulation will be emphasized in order to achieve an accurate portrait of the model. The use of photography and its application as reference for portraiture will be discussed.

#1001 - Basic Drawing Fundamentals with Eric Pedersen Saturday, 1:30pm - 4:30pm

This course introduces the fundamentals of drawing. How to hold a charcoal pencil, simple shapes, volumes, c-curves, s-curves, straights, edges, 4-value system, thumbnails, introductory composition, light sources, core shadows, reflective lights, are all covered in this course. This is an excellent course for students with little to no formal drawing training at all, or those wanting a refresher course in the basics.

#2002 - Basic Painting Fundamentals with Eric Pedersen Saturday, 1:30pm-4:30pm

Whether you have never painted before or consider yourself a more experienced painter, this beginner course is designed to teach you a simple (or perhaps new) way of painting. From the most basic techniques (how to stand, how to mix paint etc.), to descriptions of materials, and to more advanced ideas of comparative measurements, and color harmony this class serves as a guide to basic principles of painting. Based on a method of direct observation the student will begin to understand how to use simple two dimensional shapes (triangles, squares, rectangles, etc.) to create an illusion of a three dimensional object.

#1243 - Academic Portrait Drawing with Grigor Chilingarian Monday, 2pm-5pm

In this course we will be focusing on understanding the construction of the head. The class consists of five two-week poses. In each class we will apply what we have learned in the previous with additional information and goals. We will cover some anatomy of the features of the face, values, and forms.

These classes haven't started yet, so there is still time to sign up:

#2200 - Caricature Portrait Drawing and Painting with John Quinn Thursday, 7pm-10pm

Portrait caricature can be achieved through the graphic exaggeration or distortion of the subject’s face. In this class we will attempt to go a bit deeper by using drawing to investigate what is unique in each person’s face. Students will learn to develop caricature through an understanding of forms of the human face, the importance of balancing the relationships of forms and the impact this has on the operation of opposing forces in the portrait. Students will learn to use exaggeration to demonstrate the importance of the forms following their function. The class will begin with drawing and progress to painting (week 6) in a medium of the student’s choice. Drawing exercises will range from 30 seconds to 20 minutes, Painting exercises will be 3 hours.

#2390 - Alla Prima Figure Painting with Tony Pro, Thursday, 10am-1pm

This class will cover the principles of painting the figure wet into wet in one to two sittings. Getting the essence of the likeness and making a simple statement with paint are some of the hardest things to grasp in painting and I will cover methods I use in capturing the human spirit on canvas via demonstration and individual attention. We will also cover understanding light and its different temperatures and how it affects the model. If you are passionate about learning to paint figures from life with bravura brushwork and riveting color, this class is for you. Class level is for intermediate to advanced painters, but students MUST know how to draw the human figure at an intermediate to advanced level.

#2380 - Alla Prima Head/Figure Painting with Ignat Ignatov Friday, 10am-4pm

This course will consist of painting demonstrations and lectures covering the important elements of painting such as value, color and edges, as well as composition and design. Each week the artists will paint from life a different model using the Alla Prima (wet into wet technique) and will receive individual instruction and critiques. The goal is to advance your skills in the direct painting method while applying the fundamentals to achieve a solid understanding of painting the human form in various light conditions and settings.

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