Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unlimited Uninstructed Workshops!

Unlimited Uninstructed Workshops at LAAFA!

Purchase a pass for $170 and come to as many Uninstructed Workshops as you want. Workshops are now offered six days a week for 10 weeks!

Monday- 7pm-10pm Uninstructed Quick Sketch Workshop (5-20min poses)

Wednesday- 7pm-10pm Uninstructed Short Pose Workshop (five 20min poses and one 1-hr pose)

Thursday- 7pm-10pm Uninstructed Quick Sketch Workshop (1-20 min. poses)

Friday -10am-3:30pm Uninstructed Long-Pose Painting and Drawing Workshop(5hrs)

Saturday- 10am-3:30pm Uninstructed Long Pose Painting and Drawing Workshop(5hrs)

Sunday- 10am-3:30pm Uninstructed "After John Singer Sargent's Paintings" Themed Costume Figure Workshop

If you would like to purchase a pass or if you have any questions, call 818.708.9232.

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