Monday, February 22, 2010

Check out some of the new classes we are offering next quarter!

Check out some of our new classes!

#2401A - Classic Atelier Figure Painting A
Instructor: William Rodgers
Friday, 10am-1pm

The course will follow the methods of the 19th century atelier and the development of a figure painting. It will begin with an understanding of a drawing aspect of the figure. After establishing the firm foundation of the drawing of the figure, all of the aspects of the figure painting will be employed; the value, color, modeling of the form, and how to finish a figure painting. You will be using a 19th century figure palette.

#8002 - Handmade Sketchbook-Making Followed by Sketching on Location w/Various Media
Instructor: Kirk Shinmoto
Sunday, 1pm-4pm

This class will consist of two sections. The first 3 weeks will be dedicated learning how to bind your own sketchbook in a variety of stitches. We will then take that sketchbook made in class and draw on location. Every other week there will be in class exercises and a lecture discussing various sketching techniques and different media.

#2999 - 10 Painting Demos by 10 Different Figurative Artists
Instructor: Various
Saturday, 1pm-4pm

10 different figurative painters will paint the head/figure for these 10 different classes. You will be exposed to 10 very good, but very different approaches to how artists block in and work their paintings. To be able to see this many different techniques and approaches to painting will be a tremendous learning experience to anyone interested in how painters begin and address a painting. Featured Artists are: Rey Bustos, Vadim Zang, Alexey Steele, Sunny Apinchapong, Van Arno, Ray Roberts, Peggi Kroll, and others as well.

#1130 - Figure Drawing with Emphasis on Action and Form
Instructor: Paul Wee
Tuesday, 7pm-10pm

This class will focus on quick analysis of the figure using gestural, structural, and graphic methods. These methods will help you rapidly analyze the figure quickly and accurately, and will help you draw people anytime you choose, whether inside or outside the studio. Poses will range anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes. Basic exercises will be used to sharpen your observational skills, visualization, and drawing ability.

#2140 - Figurative Watercolor Painting
Instructor: Bill Perkins
Monday, 7pm-10pm

This class is for those artists who enjoy the challenge of painting directly with watercolor. We will progress from sketching to more finished approaches in the medium. We will work from a model and begin with 2D design and mixing clean color, to form and non-form expressions through various watercolor techniques. Though we will progress in steps for clarity, this is not a step-by-step paint like me course. My goal is to help the individual artist become more proficient in the style they choose or would like to achieve.

#2150A - Still Life Painting
Instructor: Mark Cummings
Tuesday, 11am-2pm

This still life course will introduce students to an understanding about composition, lighting, proper volume of form and color. Using sight-size and academic classical techniques, particular attention will be paid to properly perceiving depth, focus, pigments and mediums to produce an overall accurate yet appealing finished product.

#1176 - Figure Drawing: An Analysis of Rhythm and Structure
Instructor: Danny Galieote
Sunday, 10am-1pm

This class is designed to give the student a dynamic and solid classical foundation in drawing the figure. We will be analyzing the rhythms and flows through the figure and be studying the anatomical landmarks and articulation of skeletal and muscular forms. We will also work on tonal relationships and line quality as the class progresses. Toward the end of the course, students will use a good quality, medium value paper with dark pencil and adding white highlights. In each class, we warm up with 2 to 5 min poses, progressing with 10 to 15 min and ending with 25 min poses. Samples/Demonstrations of drawings and/or paintings will be shown.

#2390A - Alla Prima Figure Painting A
Instructor: Tony Pro
Thursday, 10am-1pm

This class will cover the principles of painting the figure wet into wet in one to two sittings. Getting the essence of the likeness and making a simple statement with paint are some of the hardest things to grasp in painting and I will cover methods I use in capturing the human spirit on canvas via demonstration and individual attention. We will also cover understanding light and its different temperatures and how it affects the model. If you are passionate about learning to paint figures from life with bravura brushwork and riveting color, this class is for you. Class level is for intermediate to advanced painters, but students MUST know how to draw the human figure at an intermediate to advanced level.

#4009 - Animal Drawing
Instructor: Kelvin Nguyen
Sunday, 11am-3pm

Emphasizes on animal drawing by using perceptual and technical skills. Emphasis are based on four ideas: 1) Gesture - action and attitude of the pose 2) Form - synthetic volumes and geometric shapes 3) Anatomy - what is it made out of, and 4) Techniques - exploration with various mediums and different ways of handling the materials

#5001 - Teen Drawing/Painting from Costumed Model
Instructor: Alex Douziech
Monday, 6pm-8pm

This class will be going over how to construct an object to look three-dimensional through the use of value, edges, and shading. We will be working in charcoal for the first five weeks. To make the transition from drawing to painting easier, we will be painting in black and white for the sixth and seventh week. We will then, be focusing on hue and saturation in oil paints. The class will end with a two week pose that will be painted in color. We will be working from sculpture casts and live models.

Uninstructed Workshop Pass!
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You can view our whole list of classes on our website: you would like to register or if you have any questions, call 818.708.9232!

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